The Devil’s Wurk

Released September 28th, 2018
Label: Kake Multimedia

1. The Fox and the Seal
2. Crunch
3. Dealin’ with the Devil
4. Bloodline
5. Ambulance

Recorded 4/21/2018 at Audio for the Arts, Madison WI
Produced by Wurk
The Fox and the Seal and Dealin’ with the Devil written by Frank Laufenberg
Crunch and Bloodline written by Miles Morkri
Ambulance written by Wurk
Published by Wurk
Distributed by Kake Multimedia

Ryley Buchanan – synthesizer, organ, backing vocals
Daniel Haschke – saxophones, backing vocals
Carl Hipenbecker – trumpet, backing vocals
Frank Laufenberg – guitar, vocals
Max Morkri – drums, backing vocals
Miles Morkri – keyboard, piano, vocals
Casey Seymour – bass, backing vocals
Special Guest (Ambulance): Noah Gilfillan – backing vocals

Recorded and mixed by Noah Gilfillan, Audio for the Arts, Madison WI
Mastered by Audrey Martinovich, Audio for the Arts, Madison WI

1. The Fox & the Seal
2. Crunch
3. Dealin with the Devil
4. Bloodline
5. Ambulance