Coffee and Cream – Track Download

Coffee and Cream – Track Download



Dreamed up as a prompt to mix the previously established characters of Major Tom (see David Bowie “Space Oddity”) and the ghost (see Phish “Story of a Ghost”), this tune is a fantasy where Major Tom steals the sun and harnesses the energy to create a super ship that travels to the dark side of the moon. However, the move is shortsighted, as no energy source can be forever tapped. As with any great story, there’s time for celebration, mischief and regrets.


Carl Hipenbecker – Trumpet, Synthesizer
Casey Seymour – Bass Guitar
Daniel Haschke – Tenor and Alto Saxophones
Frank Laufenberg – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Max Morkri – Drum Set
Miles Morkri – Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Written by Frank Laufenberg
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Johnson at Paradyme Studios


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