The Bur Oak Sessions and an Upcoming Valentine’s Day Livestream

We sold out the beautiful new Venue on Winnebago Street on NYE 2019/20 with Spare Change Trio…so much has changed since then, including the venues name (it’s now called The Bur Oak). SO, we’ve been adapting WITH this venue.  We are releasing videos on our YouTube page and some exclusively to our patrons, as part of a series we call The Bur Oak Sessions. The series is a release from a bunch of songs we recorded there in December of 2020 (in an empty venue due to covid).

To top it off, we will be playing a livestream event at…you guessed it The Bur Oak, on Valentines day from 7:45-8:15 PM. The short livestream will be part of a full day event fundraiser for local venues called Virtual Venue Love Fest 2021.

Find out more about the event and join the stream at any of the following links:

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